About Dr. Patti.

Dr. Patti Feuereisen is a psychologist in private practice in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. and Manhattan. She also trains staff who work with sex abuse survivors, speaks at colleges and high schools, runs workshops around the country, has book readings at various alternative book stores, is a speaker for Take Back The Night, runs workshops for foster and adoptive parents. Her next project is an audio tape of Invisible Girls, including the voices of girls from all over the world.

During her 30 years of work counseling sexual abuse survivors, Dr. Patti found that girls who start to talk about their sexual abuse and bring it out into the open will get better, heal and thrive. She has helped many girls help themselves, and that is why she started this website, to reach girls all over the world. Girls need a site that is their own with a seasoned clinician to answer their questions, and communicate with them.

Dr. Patti has also authored the book, Invisible Girls: The Truth About Sexual Abuse, now in its 2nd Edition Fall 2009. This groundbreaking book lets girls know all over the world that sex abuse is never the survivors fault! Invisible Girls teaches girls everywhere that they can heal and thrive after sexual abuse.

In 2006 Dr. Patti founded the only organization to honor incest survivors through scholarships. Girlthrive Inc. is growing and funding many projects for many girls. It is a life line to a girl who may not have felt she would be honored just for enduring sex abuse! Dr. Patti would love to hear from you!

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