Invisible Girls : The Truth About Sexual Abuse

A Book For Teen Girls, Young Women, and Everyone Who Cares About them

A book about healing, a book about hope! We are excited to announce that Seal Press, the top feminist press in the country, has published Dr. Patti Feuereisen's ground breaking book, and that it is on the shelves of your book stores now. Invisible Girls: The Truth About Sexual Abuse will BREAK OPEN ALL TABOOS AND TELL the truth about sexual abuse, with hundreds of girls' voices. Invisible Girls is first book to address sexual abuse from the perspective of young women from every ethnic and socioeconomic background. You will learn how to cope, and emerge from sex abuse. Dr. Patti has personally worked with all the young women who have participated in this extraordinary 10 year project. Invisible Girls weaves together powerful first-person narratives with gentle guidance and seasoned insights to help girls through the maze of feelings that swirl around the abuse experience. This gives every young woman who has experienced sexual abuse the courage that comes from knowing that she is not alone and that she can be vibrant, healthy, and whole. And every time someone buys Invisible Girls some of the proceeds go back to Girlthrive! It is a circle of healing.

Update, October 2009-

Invisible Girls second edition is out!!! The fabulous women at Seal Press asked if I would like to put out a second edition with any additions to the first edition. Caroline Pincus and I got to work together again and Caroline helped me edit- Thank you my editing goddess! Invisible Girls is helping so many girls and is consistently in the top 10 of Seal's selling list. As sad as it is that so many need this book, it is also very uplifting to know that we are reaching out and helping girls to heal, and changing the culture around abuse. I jumped at the opportunity to add a chapter on sexual exploitation. In our second edition we added a chapter on prostitution. I have had the chance to work with the girls and staff at G.E.M.S. (Girls Educational Mentoring Services). G.E.M.S. is an amazing organization that helps girls get out of "the life" of prostitution. We have added an extraordinary story from a girl who was sexually exploited and prostituted. Of course, as with the other girls in our book, this girl is now thriving. Another exciting chapter we added is filled with emails I have received from all over the world since the book was published. I changed the names and locations and some of the identifying facts in the emails, but they are so diverse. In this second edition I hope you will never look at young prostitutes the same. Prostitution of teen girls and young women is sexual abuse. We also added a resource section for boys and an index. The second edition comes out in September 2009!! I will also announce radio shows I will be on–and future book readings. Stay tuned!!!

An Update May 2007-

After two years of being out there, "Invisible Girls : The Truth About Sexual Abuse" is in it's third printing. A Korean publisher just bought the Korean rights to have it printed and translated into Korean! Invisible Girls can also be found in Spanish under the title: El Abuso Sexual.

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