How To Get Help.

photograph by Aviva Rowley. ©

"I once was a little girl, but like bubbles on a crisp clear day, I have lost so much so fast." ...............written by an 18 year old incest survivor.

There are many different ways to get help. In each community there is a mental health center with a sliding fee scale. You should know that all professionals are bound by the law, so if you are presently in a dangerous situation and you are underaged (18 years old or 21 depending on the state you live in), any professional you see will need to report the crime. This is one of the reasons many girls never seek help until they can leave the "scene of the crime". In other words, many incest survivors don't seek help until they are out of their homes. If you are a survivor and are no longer in danger, if the perpetrator no longer lives with you, or you never have contact with your molester, a professional may be able to help you without having to contact the authorities. You can find your local mental health clinic in the Yellow Pages, or contact R.A.I.N.N.

Another way to get help is to seek counseling once you reach college. Go to the mental health clinic at your school and sign up for individual counseling. Some universities even have survivor groups.

Most local hospitals are mandated to have a "rape crisis unit". If you have ever been raped you can call your local hospital and receive counseling on a sliding fee scale.