A Few Words About Therapy

The most important part of therapy is to feel comfortable with your therapist. No matter how much training or how many degrees your therapist has, if you don't like your therapist the therapy probably won't help you.

It is important for your therapist to be trained. Some counselors have MSW's which is a Masters degree in social work. Or a therapist could be a psychologist with a Masters Degree or a Ph.D. You should interview the therapist. Ask him/her how much experience they have with sexual abuse, but always remember that you have rights. Do not stay with a therapist if you don't like her/him. Sometimes the experience of being in counseling with a therapist you can't relate to could make you feel even more isolated. If the therapy relationship is such that you feel your therapist is in control, you could re-experience the abuse feelings where someone was in power over you. Only stay with a therapist you like and who you feel likes you! The process of therapy may last from several sessions to one year to many years. Take your time. Get well, allow yourself the time to heal.